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05/04/2018 - Why are timber prices increasing?


This is probably the most often asked question from our customers in the current market.

There is no single simple answer unfortunately which means there is no single simple solution. The biggest problem at the moment is that there is not enough timber to satisfy the current demand. Prices have been rising for two years and initially this seemed to be driven by the devaluation of the pound which increased imported prices which led to higher demand on UK timber whi... Read More

12/06/2017 - Further investment of new machinery at Rowlinson Packaging

Further investment of new machinery at Rowlinson Packaging


As part of our continued growth program we will be installing a fully integrated semi-automatic nailing machine, the bespoke machine can be seen at the manufacturers in Italy being loaded ready to arrive in the UK today, this machine will enable us to assemble 2 way and 4 way pallets up to 2.8m in length, it will also be used to produce Agricultural boxes to the highest standard and consistency.

03/03/2017 - Is burning wood bad for the environment?

Is burning wood bad for the environment?

A recent article on the BBC made us sit up. The headline reads ‘Most Wood Energy Schemes are a disaster for the environment’. As Rowlinson Packaging and the wider group is heavily involved in the timber market this gave us pause for thought. The article refers to a report that questions the benefits of producing wood pellets as an energy source and raises some very interesting questions. One of the most starling points is that the UK imports wood pellets from the USA to burn for energy. This does seem to go against environmental common sense. Rowlinson Packaging invested over £400k in equipment that converts all our wood waste (and our customers waste) into energy that r... Read More

09/02/2017 - New Lighting Range Launched!

New Lighting Range Launched!

We are updating our brochures and website with some current photographs and it has revealed an artistic streak in our Operations Director Steve Jackson. Please be assured that if you are in the market for new packaging it does not normally come with lights fitted, unless you specifically need them. However if anyone would like to purchase from our new range of agricultural home lighting solutions please contact Steve direct, clearly he needs something to do! Joking aside please have a look around the website, we are adding new content all the time and like Steve it might inspire you with new solutions.



08/02/2017 - RPL to exhibit at YAM 2017 - 8th February 2017

The Rowlinson team is all set up and ready to exhibit at this year’s YAM’s show!  Find us at stand FM22. We are looking forward to meeting with customers, both current and new and sharing our exciting plans for the coming year.

YAM 2017

Yam 2017 

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